22/09/2016 – 

CHOICE for Youth & Sexuality in partnership with YouAct, Astra Youth and the Astra Network presented the Polish Prime Minister Beata Maria Szydło with a Joint Advocacy Statement and Call to Action endorsed by 51 civil society organisations from over 30 countries; urging the Polish government to put an immediate end to the “Stop Abortion” bill; and comply with its human rights obligations to uphold women’s reproductive rights by ensuring the fulfilment of access to safe and legal abortion...

22/09/2016 – 

Together with YouAct, Astra Youth and the Astra Network CHOICE has developed a factsheet that aims to raise awareness about women’s and girl’s rights to safe and legal abortion.

21/03/2016 – 

CHOICErs Stéphanie and Amber are currently in New York at the CSW60. Together with the Young Feminist Group, a diverse group of young people attending the CSW, they have produced a statement that reflects young women's issues and concerns.

16/02/2016 – 

In this series, we have set out to share some stories about CHOICE’s impact: the stories of young people we are able to change together with our partners. This story is about Robert from Kenya, and how he became an active SRHR advocate.