Impact & Transparency

Impact & Transparency


CHOICE for Youth & Sexuality has been working on capacitating young people for over 21 years. In those years we have given young people all over the world the skills to meaningfully participate in the decisions that are made about them. We have build the organizational capacity of a growing number of youth-led organizations all over the world and have seen them grow into independent, self-sustaining organizations. CHOICE believes in helping other youth-led organizations to build a global youth movement of informed young leaders. We not only help organisations with partnerships, but build the skills of individual youth advocates through the numerous resources and trainings we have created.


 “What I feel changed most in my perspectives is that now I realize that young people have the power to be equal with adults. We can collaborate with them without a power imbalance between us" - Youth Advocate from Indonesia


Multi-Annual Strategy

To keep ourselves on course towards our own goals, we have developed our Multi-Annual Strategy (MAS) for 2023-2026. 


"With this new Multi Annual Strategy, we tried to capture what makes CHOICE special and build on it in the years to come. And I feel we have succeeded. With this new strategy, we have come closer to who we are as organization than ever before, which makes me really proud." - Jannemiek Evelo, Executive Director


Take a look at it to find what our milestones for this period are:


Meaningful Youth Participation in SRHR Diplomacy: A review of the YASRHR Programme

In 2023, CHOICE in collaboration with the MFA embarked on a comprehensive evaluation to assess the YASRHR program's impact. The evaluation aimed to understand how well the YASRHR program works by highlighting successes, challenges, and learnings. The evaluation explored how young voices were taken into account in shaping policies, the program’s impact on policies, and the role of the YASRHR in shaping the discourse around SRHR and meaningful youth participation.

Read below the full report or the summary report of this impactful programme!


CHOICE's Meaningful Youth Participation Trajectory Evaluation

At CHOICE we love to spread the word about meaningful youth participation, but we also love to learn about our impact! Much like a flower, we are invested in continuous growth and learning. That’s why this year we worked with intersectional feminist consulting collective, Catalystas, to evaluate our Meaningful Youth Participation trajectory which we offer to young people and adults to strengthen their capacity and knowledge on meaningful youth participation. During this evaluation we spoke to trainers and trainees, past and present, to gain insight into the experience and impact of our trainings in the short and the long term. The great news is, we learned that the Flower of Participation tool, which underpins our trajectory, is widely referenced as a memorable and effective means of conceptualizing what makes young peoples’ participation meaningful. It also helps people spot non-meaningful participation like tokenism or manipulation, empowering them to make changes in their organizations. We also got some fantastic tips on how we can make our trainings even more effective, contextualized, and inclusive the future, which we are excited to integrate into our training approach. Check out this two-pager to see our key learnings!

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‘Stories of Change’

5 YEARS OF YOUTH LEADERSHIP for Get Up Speak out & Yes I Do. CHOICE passionately believes that policies and programs can only be more effective and impactful if we include youth all the way: from planning and designing to implementation and research. As the Get Up Speak Out and Yes I Do programs have closed after 5 glorious years, at CHOICE, we continue to strengthen our work and impact by reflecting on previous programmes and looking forward to the future.

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Annual report 2022

What a year! Have a scroll through our annual report to see for yourself what we've been up to in 2022:

Previous annual reports

You can download the previous annual reports here:



CHOICE values being open and transparent about our work. We want everyone who works with us to be able to feel safe, protected and free to express their opinion. To ensure safety, transparency and accountability for the people in and working with our organization we have procedures and regulation in place. 



CHOICE for youth and sexuality has been granted the status as a “Algemeen nut beogende instelling” (ANBI) by the Dutch Tax Agency. This results in Tax breaks for both CHOICE and individual donors. 

To maintain the ANBI-status, CHOICE must comply with certain transparency conditions. We make contact details, financial data, activity plans and current activities publicly available on our website. This way, anyone can review the functioning of CHOICE. 

This information can be found in: 


CBF Keurmerk 

CHOICE is an “Erkend Goed Doel”, a certification awarded by CBF. It is an important accreditation for charities in the Netherlands. It demonstrates our commitment to transparency, responsible financial management, and adherence to high standards of governance and policies. The CBF certification provides reassurance to our donors that their contributions are used effectively for the intended charitable purpose. 

You can find more information on our certification in our Erkenningsrapport.


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