Equality Triangle

Equality Triangle

Meet Equality Triangle (formerly known as Queer Alliance)

Equality Triangle is a LGBTQ grassroots organization from Nigeria. They are a community led organization working to advocate for the human rights of sexual and gender minorities by supporting, enhancing and promoting knowledge on issues of sexual diversity and gender justice aiming to improve the lived realities of LGBTQ persons through policy advocacy, leadership development and research. Their services include human rights violations documentation, sexual health and HIV prevention, safe shelters, strategic convening, youth development and engaging in research as part of informing policy decisions and public education on sexual diversity They hold expertise on policy advocacy, building leadership skills and evidence based research. 


Queer Alliance started as a response to the government proposition to criminalize and penalize sexual expression between same sex persons in Nigeria after a presentation by William Rashidi to the Nigerian parliament on the implications of the proposed Same Gender Marriage Prohibition Act which was passed into law in 2014. Queer Alliance believes in the power of visibility and participatory involvement of LGBTQ persons in bringing about the needed change towards a country where no one will be discriminated against based on who they love. Over the years, Queer Alliance has worked around critical issues such as sexual reproductive health, discriminatory laws, leadership development, and safe shelter for LGBTQ persons, publications 




CHOICE partners with Equality Triangle since 2017 within the Rights, Evidence and Action Program, which aims at using International Human Rights mechanisms such as the Universal Periodic Review Process, participation in United Nations proceedings and other regional initiative aimed at ensuring that the Nigerian government upholds its obligations to international human rights standards which it has signed and ratified. CHOICE connects Queer Alliance to resources it needs to make its advocacy stronger and effective using meaningful youth participation approach. Both organizations believe in the power of young people to actively participate in decision making process that affects their lives.


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All young people worldwide should be able to explore, experience and express their sexualities in healthy, pleasurable and safe ways.