Find us at ICFP 2018

Find us at ICFP 2018

November 8, 2018

CHOICE for Youth & Sexuality is excited to join politicians, scientists, change makers and (youth) advocates from all around the world in Kigali, Rwanda for the 5th International Conference on Family Planning 2018. Together we will share experiences and best practices in our work on family planning and inspire and connect with each other. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram for live updates from the conference. For those joining us there, come say hi to us at the following places:




Youth pre-conference


Meaningful youth participation: how to work with practical tools to assess and improve your participation 

A workshop hosted together with the Talent Youth Association. Young people will experience what it is like to participate in a (non) meaningful way. From this experience, they will learn about the concept and theory on meaningful youth participation (MYP), which form the basis of practical tools to analyze and integrate MYP. Equipped with these tools, young people will be able to make their and other young people's participation more meaningful.

When: 11 November, morning session


Navigating transitioning for youth and youth advocates

Together with IPPF and Rutgers, former Dutch Youth Ambassador (2016-2017) and CHOICE Youth Advocate Sanne Thijssen will co-host this session. The session will enable participants to explore challenges related to transition from youth led organization as they get older and no longer in youth bracket and how to plan for successful transition. It will involve practical experience from youth advocates who have transitioned successfully or are nearing full transition from Africa and Europe. One of the facilitators is Former Dutch Youth Ambassador for SRHR (2016-17). This will enable participants to appreciate that transition is possible and a great thing as well as the ONLY way we can ensure Meaning Youth Participation for younger youth. Without transition space shrinks. Facilitators will explore with youth the opportunities and skills required.

When: 11 November, morning sessio




Main conference


CHOICE for Youth & Sexuality booth

Together with our partners, we will be hosting a booth in the exhibition space of the main conference through out ICFP. Find us at our booth to connect with us, learn more about our work and check out the resources we have to offer. Play the Wheel of Fortune and test your knowledge on youth sexual and reproductive health and rights and advocacy and take home some prizes if you're lucky!

When: 12-15 November, booth #40 in the exhibition space


Towards Effective Integration of Meaningful Youth Participation (MYP) in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Family Planning Organizations and Programs: The Graph of Participation, MYP Checklists and MYP Action Plan

On the 14th of November our poster on our resources for effective integration of Meaningful Youth Participation (MYP) will be on display from 8.00-11.00. We will also be present to answer any and all questions you might have and present it to you.

When: 14 November from 8.00 - 11.00


The Flower of Participation - A model to understand how to meaningfully integrate young people in SRHR and Family Planning programs

On the 14th of November our poster on the Flower of Participation will take place. The flower is a tool to understand Meaningful Youth Participation (MYP). It will be on display from 8.00-11.00. We will also be present to answer any and all questions you might have and hand out the narrative of the Flower of Participation to better understand the tool. 

When: 14 November from 8.00 - 11.00


YOU(TH) Do IT!: Strengthening Youth Leadership in Family Planning and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights through E-M Health and Learning

Finally, we will also be doing a poster presentation on YOU(TH) Do IT!, our resource hub. Find out more on how the resource hub was developed. 

When: 14 November from 8.00 - 11.00


Theory of Change Guidelines-launch

While working with the Theory of Change model is becoming increasingly popular in family planning programmes, the model and terms used can be complicated to understand. For young people this can be a barrier to meaningfully participate in these programmes – which is why CHOICE developed youth friendly guidelines for working with a Theory of Change! During this International Conference on Family Planning, CHOICE is proud to launch her newest resource: ‘How to work with a Theory of Change- guidelines’. Join us at ICFP for a toast, take part in the quiz on Theories of Change and take a shot at winning some awesome prizes.

When: 14 November at 17.30, booth #40 in the exhibition space