Happy Valentine's (and Condoms) Day!

Happy Valentine's (and Condoms) Day!

February 14, 2019

Oh, Valentine.

14th of February. The day of love, affection and... condoms.


This year Lady Valentine shares her day with condoms. Yes, you’ve read that right. It’s not only Valentines day but also National Condoms Day! The perfect day to talk about safe and consensual sex with your partner.

The aim of National Condom Day is to get more people comfortable with purchasing, carrying, talking about and using condoms during sexual activity. With the rise in national rates of STI’s , it is very meaningful that everyone knows the benefits of condoms and how vital they are for your sexual health. Condoms not only serve as contraceptive (a whopping 98% prevention chance) but also for protection against STI’s. Nifty little things, aren’t they? They are really easy to get; you don’t need a prescription, and neither be a specific age to get a hold of some of these bad-boys. Just some cash and the will to be safe! You can (in some cases) also get them for free; they might be available at your high school or your local clinic. They also offer a lot of variety, such as glow in the dark, different kinds of flavor, studded or textured, tingling, etc. Condoms: you name it and it’s probably out there. There’s also a condomerie located in Amsterdam. Valentines date idea, perhaps?

National Condom Day is certainly not a day to forget, and its theme in particular: consent, which means agreeing to do something, or for something to get done.


So don’t forget to bring your condom to the table! You obviously want to keep your sexual relationships healthy, sexy and fun.



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