Get the inside

look at a youth-led organization!

December 5, 2016

Get the inside look at a youth-led organization!

CHOICE likes celebrations and next year we have a big one coming up: our twentieth birthday! Celebrating our 20-year anniversary is not only a great milestone in itself, but it’s also a unique achievement for an organization that is completely youth-led. For twenty years CHOICE has been led purely by young, passionate advocates ranging from 16 to 29 years old.

Being a youth-led organization offers both opportunities and challenges. As a young organization we are constantly evolving, growing and adapting to the current (political) context. One of our challenges is the high turn-over within our organization. We have seen many young advocates coming and going, which causes the organization to continuously invest time in transferring knowledge. The positive side is that because of this, we also have a large network of youth and adults (alumni) who are willing to help improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people worldwide.

Therefore, in honour of our 20-year existence we will post a series of blogs in which we will discuss what it means to be a youth-led organization in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights. We will give you insight into the opportunities and challenges CHOICE faces when doing advocacy work, raising funds or working with youth-led partner organizations abroad that face the same challenges. We will gather perspectives from youth advocates, board members, staff to give you an inside look into our organization. So make sure to come back regularly to check our site for new updates!