RHRN welcomes

HRAPF back to work

February 27, 2018

RHRN welcomes HRAPF back to work just days after it was attacked

The Right Here Right Now partnership was deeply shocked and disheartened when it heard of the violent break-in to HRAPF’s premises on the morning of 9th February 2018, the second break-in it suffers in less than two years. We join HRAPF and our many partners in firmly condemning this attack to its guards, its premises and the human rights movement in its entirety.

This week – just a few days later – we wish to welcome HRAPF back to work! We commend HRAPF on its strong reaction and the swift actions taken, as described in the full report on the attack. The response of HRAPF testifies to the strong determination of its management and staff to ensure that this attack, and others like it, are fully investigated and that the perpetrators are brought to justice. Further, it testifies to their unwavering commitment not to stop until the human rights of all Ugandans are respected, protected and fulfilled.

The Right Here Right Now Partnership is deeply concerned about these attacks that follow a series of similar break-ins and burglaries to human rights organizations and which have not led to conclusive investigations. As a party to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, Uganda is obligated to uphold resolution 276 on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders in Africa under which it must take “necessary measures to provide human rights defenders with a conducive environment to be able to carry out their activities without fear of acts of violence, threat, intimidation, reprisal, discrimination, oppression, and harassment from State and non-State actors.”

We therefore call upon the Government of Uganda, the police and authorities of Uganda to:

  • Fully investigate this attack and the earlier one, and provide answers to HRAPF, the injured guards, the family of the previously deceased guard and be sure to bring the perpetrators to justice;
  • Fully investigate the rampant break-ins at the offices of civil society organizations and bring the perpetrators to justice;
  • Ensure the full protection of civil society organizations, human rights organizations, human rights defenders, activists and all marginalized groups, in line with its national, regional and international obligations.

Right Here Right Now

Right Here Right Now (RHRN) is part of CHOICE's International Advocacy Program. It is a five-year global advocacy partnership with ARROWdance4life, Hivos, IPPF AR, LACWHN and Rutgers (lead) in pursuit of the fulfilment of young people’s SRHR – free of stigma, discrimination and violence. We work with national partners across Africa, Asia and Latin America, and at international level, to strengthen the capacity of young people and civil society organizations for joint SRHR advocacy.

Image by: HRAPF