Statement at HRC53: Right to Health

Statement at HRC53: Right to Health

August 11, 2023

Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the right to health 

Theme: Digital innovation, technologies and the right to health 

Statement by CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality 


Thank you Mr President. I speak on behalf of CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality.   

As a young woman, it has been very challenging to access quality information on sexual and reproductive health, mainly due to gender stereotypes and negative social norms. Fortunately, media has played a central role for me to learn about consent, to understand that no one, but myself, has the power to decide over my body; and that these decisions directly impact my health, my life and my future. 


Digital platforms have the power to provide young people, in all their diversity, with accessible, accurate and comprehensive information about their sexual and reproductive health. By providing safe and inclusive online spaces to seek information and ask questions, technology can grant young people the power to make informed decisions, exercise their bodily autonomy and right to health. 


Unfortunately, as I speak, billions of young people are exposed to a tremendous amount of inaccurate information. This, and many other challenges, such as accessibility, online gender-based violence, and privacy, should not be overlooked. Governments, technology companies and civil society organizations must involve young people in the development of policies and guidelines to combat these challenges.  


We would like to know how private companies and governments can be held accountable on ensuring that digital technologies are regulated through a rights-based approach, especially regarding the provision of sexual and reproductive health information and services for young people.