Release of the ''Youth For SRHR'' Report

Release of the ''Youth For SRHR'' Report

November 21, 2023





Hey! It's Jim Monkel, Youth Ambassador SRHR, Gender Equality and Bodily Autonomy. Last year flew by and I almost cannot believe my term is coming to an end in a couple of weeks. As I wrap up my term, I couldn't be more excited to share something special with you – the recommendations report called “Youth for SRHR Change” is finally here, and it's a reminder and call to action for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reflecting the recommendations of all the young people I have spoken to.  


From the heart of my term as Youth Ambassador, CHOICE for Youth & Sexuality and I have crafted this report. Even though tremendous efforts around SRHR and sexual and reproductive health services provision have been carried out, millions of young people today still face barriers accessing their SRHR. It is for that reason crucial that the realities of young people are amplified and that their recommendations, solutions and perspectives on progress  are taken seriously.  












Time for action! 

Every conversation and every insight shared during my term has shaped the recommendations within these pages. Now, drumroll, please! Here are the recommendations: 


·       Dare to invest in youth: Explore youth-friendly funding structures so that young people in all their diversity can address societal problems affecting their lives, bodies and decision-making. 

·       Build bridges with Feminist Foreign Policy: SRHR isn't a stand-alone issue; it's interwoven into every aspect of life. An integrated approach to SRHR into all foreign policies is needed, to ensure actions taken do not exacerbate inequalities.  

·       Support Inclusive CSE: Recognize the importance of comprehensive sexuality education for the rights and health of young people, especially for young people with disabilities. 














Ready for the Inside Scoop?  

As I say goodbye to this incredible journey, I invite you to dive deeper into the full report below.   

The coming weeks, I will be handing over this report to policy makers and decision makers within the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I will also hand over this document to organizations and people that I have worked with. Follow me on Instagram and LinkedIn to stay tuned for updates on this.   

Lastly, a big, big thank you to the invaluable contributions of the young people who shared their stories, challenges, and perspectives on progress. Their participation and input have shaped these recommendations, emphasizing that youth are not just the future but a powerful force in the present!   

Click the link and join me on this chapter of change! #YouthForSRHRChange   

Read the Full Report Here