New YOU(TH) Do IT!

YOU(TH) Do It!

November 14, 2017

New YOU(TH) Do It Website

Today is a big day for CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, we're launching the new YOU(TH) Do IT! website. It’s an online platform where young people worldwide can access information on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), human rights and build your skills as an advocate. The website first launched in 2012 within the Youth Empowerment Alliance (YEA) but CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality and Dance4Life recently redeveloped the website, giving it new content and a brand new look. In this blog, we will briefly explain what exactly YOU(TH) Do IT! is and how you can use it.

What is YOU(TH) Do IT?
YOU(TH) Do IT! is a knowledge and skills platform where young people like you can access information on SRHR, human rights, youth friendly services and meaningful youth participation (and many more topics). The website helps you to take action and enhance your ability in important skills such as advocacy, awareness raising and leadership.

We encourage young people from all over the world to visit the website and increase their knowledge and skills on topics that are crucial to their development as active citizens but are often inaccessible to them.

To help you get acquainted with the information, the website offers reflections, quizzes, personal stories and skill-building activities. We encourage you to take action: this can happen on a very small scale, for example within your community or neighbourhood, or on a larger scale, for example within your cities or maybe even nationally! The platform also offers peer educators a so-called trainings pack: pre-designed classes on the various topics and skills.

We believe in the power of young people! Young people are our future, and that is why we believe that young people should be placed at the center of political decisions, on the local, national and global level. Unfortunately, young people are rarely involved in decisions and policies that affect them. We believe that it all begins with access to the right information and education. That’s why YOU(TH) Do IT! Is here to help you.

YOU(TH) Do IT! believes in a society where young people are active citizens. Not in the future, but now.

For whom?
The website is meant for young people from all over the world who have questions regarding their rights and SRHR, and want to learn to become active citizens or youth activists. However, the website can also be used by peer educators to  strengthen their own knowledge and skills and that of their students.

The online courses are written for young people like you. So we made sure that they're written in language you can understand and that there is no prior knowledge needed to get started on the courses.

Whether you live in Kenya, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Afghanistan, the United States or Colombia. Whether you’re 12 or 24. Whether you already have a lot of knowledge about human rights, SRHR and advocacy, or not. We encourage all young people to use to website to empower yourself, your peers and your friends to become active, young citizens who make a positive change in their community, city or country!

Check out the website at