Nathalie Metheuver is our new Executive Director!

Nathalie Metheuver is our new Executive Director!

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April 12, 2018



Nathalie believes in building bridges by creating an environment of positive energy, asking critical questions to stimulate the growth of inspiring ideas and working together to build on everyone’s unique strengths in teams. She is part of a musical theatre group, she invests in developing her intuitive and spiritual side, and she can secretly be found doing a very passionate performance of ‘I will survive’ in a karaoke bar in Amsterdam.


While she made her start at CHOICE as a youth advocate in 2015, since 2016 she’s been kicking ass as a program coordinator. In this role she represented CHOICE in the Yes I Do and Get Up Speak Out program and worked intensively together with our implementing partners. Under her coordination the youth leadership team revised and improved the concept of Meaningful Youth Participation in 2017 and the development of CHOICE’s youth leadership skill training manual in 2018. 


With her academic background in psychology and international development studies, experience in various roles in different development organizations and projects, and her personal passion for CHOICE’s mission and for CHOICE as an organization, Nathalie is enthusiastic to take up the challenge of leading CHOICE into the realization of our new multi-annual strategy together with the CHOICE team and national and international partners.


Learn more about Nathalie in this video!