Meet the Kenyan Network of Adolescents and Youth of Africa (NAYA)

The Kenyan Network of Adolescents and Youth of Africa (NAYA) is a youth-led regional advocacy network. They dream of a society where the reproductive health and rights of adolescent and youths are recognized, provided and respected. To achieve such a society, NAYA builds the capacity of youth advocates and civil society organizations to advocate for comprehensive sexual health and rights. They also enlist the support of policy makers, opinion leaders, donors, the media, like-minded organizations and individuals in advocating for reforms and implementation of international, national and county policies and legislation to improve the quality and accessibility of information and services.

NAYA uses their talent for advocacy in a number of ways: they advocate using the media, target budgets, policy and make use of international arena's open to them. All to make sure young people are heard and their sexual and reproductive health and rights are ensured in Kenya. They also work with like-minded organizations and government in underserved communities within the country to build capacity in SRHR programming in the following areas: Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights; design of advocacy programmes; skills-building training on Meaningful Youth Participation, Participatory Education Theatre, e-exchange on youth and development and technical assistance on all components of youth programming



Partnership with CHOICE

NAYA and CHOICE have been partners since 2012. We are currently working together within the Get Up Speak Out, the Yes I Do and Rights, Evidence, Action program. These programmes have demonstrated far-reaching impact in reshaping sexual health discourse at the international, regional, national and sub-national (county) levels and in the communities where the programmes are implemented.CHOICE offers technical assistance and support on (international) advocac to NAYA and cpacity building on Meaningful Youth Participation (MYP), advocacy and resource mobilisation.


All young people worldwide should be able to explore, experience and express their sexualities in healthy, pleasurable and safe ways.