Meet the Talent Youth Association

Talent Youth Association (TaYA) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2003 by considering the growing concern about sexual reproductive health of adolescents & young people and to make them influential leaders of the future Ethiopia. TaYA provides youth knowledge and opportunities to be healthy and self-reliant to work towards an Ethiopia of promise, gender equality, economic and environmental strength.


TaYA promotes the health and well-being of Ethiopia’s youth by eliminating barriers to development and by enabling youth to realize their full potential. TaYA focuses on HIV/AIDS and reproductive health issues, while supporting youth employment and leadership within the community. Their main strategies to improve young people’s SRHR are peer-to-peer education, awareness raising and involving young people in international networks, conferences and leadership.



Partnership with CHOICE

CHOICE and TaYA have been partners since 2013, through the programs UFBR and ASK and continues within the Get Up Speak Out and Yes I Do programs. The partnership with CHOICE ranges from programatic work to organizational development in communications, governance, building capacities at all levels, creating and sharing opportunities, sharing information, skills, knowledge, expertise and documents, and networking and representation in different regional and global platforms.

All young people worldwide should be able to explore, experience and express their sexualities in healthy, pleasurable and safe ways.