JUNCTURE is an advocacy simulation set in Arun, an imaginary developing region

If you participate in JUNCTURE, you become an inhabitant of Arun. This means that you have to deal with some of the pressing issues there. Life in Arun is quite difficult as life expectation is low, due to misfunctioning services, disease and occasional conflicts. Although access to primary education has improved, many children and youth do not go to school because they need to work to supplement their parents' income. A big part of the population lives in poverty. Lately, Arun has been facing issues concerning their young people's sexual health and rights. The number of teenage pregnancies has increased substantially over the last years. It is likely that many young girls will become pregnant, which increases their chances of dropping out of school and becoming poor. Sex is not talked about publicly, as many people within Arun feel this is a private or religious matter. Due to the increase in teenage pregnancies, the national government urges the regional government to change the current Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights related policies, because other regions have recently shown progress on SRHR issues by doing so


Juncture offers you the chance to act, reflect and try again. 


Become a School Principal, Governor, Religious Leader or Youth Advocate in Arun and try to actively influence the debate and the development and implementation of Arun’s policies. Come up with a good strategy to advocate for your interests and cooperate with other parties to create a better life in Arun for all!


Why play JUNCTURE? 

When you take part in JUNCTURE, you are invited to enter Arun and to become a member of society. You will have to think, speak and act like a School Principal, a Governor or a Religious Leader. Or would you rather be a Youth Advocate, a NGO- or health worker?

  • Whichever role you choose, you will have to deal with complex and real life human rights issues, with a special focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).
  • Learn to work together with different stakeholders to gain influence, build trust and partnerships.
  • Learn to stand up for your rights and to become a human rights advocate. You do not need prior knowledge on SRHR in order to participate. JUNCTURE is a perfect tool to gain awareness on SRHR issues and to develop lobby and debating skills.
  • JUNCTURE can be used as an awareness raising or learning tool, but is also a great teambuilding activity.


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